Thursday, January 8, 2009

Man Trip 09

This trip was to the same place the past 3 years so I knew sort of what to expect except for there are always new people in Masters every year so there is always a surprise. Now it had rained the first night and when I say it rain it poured. A lot of peoples stuff got soaked and they were whimps and slept in the van. But the next day was nice and clear and me and some dudes decided there was no better time to go hiking then now. So we went.

As we made our way through the forest we exploring we found a cool little spring we decided to relax at before ascending to the top of a cliff that had significant memories from my first year. I was also hiking with only 2 other guys who happened to be first year students. And what is so awesome about the cliff it has no trees on it to block your view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Up their you realize how small you are and how big God is. It was just as powerful as my first year.


  1. That's so awesome AG! so glad you had a blast!! not gonna lie...i'd have slept in the van too. :D but..not with all the guys...i'd grab dibs on my own van...come to think of it...i wouldn't be on the trip in the first place...but get it. :D

  2. Bleargh. I was always so epic jealous of the guys' trip.

    No joke, girls' trip was (and probably still is) sucks-ville.

  3. ps: i totally just now realized it...but your profile name says Aaorn...not that i wouldn't mind calling you that...but...hmmm...

  4. @Amo,

    Nah, dood, that's his LOTR name. Like Aragorn, but missing all of the important letters.


    Woahz dood, update. It's gettin' a little stale around here.


    (This from the girl that didn't update her blog for a solid two and a half months, but hey; I try.)

  5. hey, remember that time where you updated your blog and i loved reading your posts?? wish that time were this time right now. :D