Thursday, April 1, 2010

Randomness and God's love.

 I got off work at 5am and begun to think man i would love some Krispy Kreme donuts. I flashed back to the Time that Brady, Moody and I went to get some fresh Krispy Kreme donuts. I instantly thought geeze this is going to be awesome. Donuts hot and fresh and I get to explore Austin cause I have somewhat of an idea as to where the store is. I began to drive and filled with excitment listening to Black Mirror by Arcade Fire I went the wrong way and wound up in the domain when it hit me. This is where i would have been working if I got the job at apple.

I thought man God you are so Good. I have an awesome job that pays well and no worries in my life, I am completely content. I have the ability to chase a craving for Krispy Kreme in a car that God provided. His faithfulness and goodness is beyond my own. I look back and see that I have not been very faithful in my tithing or giving I have not been faithful in my relationships, or in ministry as I should have been. I thought about all these things that moment and knew that there is nothing I can do to ever earn or deserve God's goodness and blessings on my life to compare to God's goodness and faithfulness. Sure there are things that we do and are faithful in that reap benefits. But when you look at your goodness in comparison it is but filthy rags. To know that God is so in love with us that our failures and mistakes are always covered by how good he is put a smile on my face.

 I know that it is all not about how good I am but how good he is. It is my responsibility to share Gods goodness and what he has done in my life with others. Driving to Krispy Kreme with a stupid smile on my face and an even bigger one when I discovered I was up before they were even open :). Finding joy in hardships and difficulties is all about perspective and God gives us a good perspective.