Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Living it

I was just being challenge this week to be more like Christ in the way i think about situation and the way I focus my efforts toward others. I often ask myself is what I do going to draw people closer to God or is it going to draw them further from God. In 2 Corinthians 6:3-4 Paul says "We live in such a way that no one will stumble because of us, and no one will find fault in our ministry. In everything we do, we show that we are true ministers of God. We patiently endure troubles and hardships and calamities of every kind."

The next part Paul talks about all the different hardships he had faced. I look at them in conparison and realize I think that maybe one or two of the things he had to endure daily I have had to endure once or twice in my whole life. Yet I think we today have a harder time especially in America living a life that would not cause anyone to stumble. I know that when ever i say something that could be offensive or I say something that might be out of character I always feel like dang that is ground loss. My ministry at work is completely relational I am just trying to represent Christ in me through my life. Sometimes I don't let him shine. I sometimes would rather put in my headphones and work. But Paul continues after the list of hardships and says 1 Cor 6:6 We prove ourselves by our purity, our understanding, our patience, our kindness, by the Holy Spirit within us, and by our sincere love." I think for me the patience is the hardest one for me. When you are working and just want to get through your shift it is easy to isolate yourself and not pay attention to the others around you. I have tried to make it a point to get to know everyone in my work place. I ask them questions and I try not to stay away from sensitive Christian topics like relationships and lifestyle.

So I know that we don't have to endure persecution in the U.S. anywhere close to what Christ and the apostles faced but we still have to stand and live a life that will help people walk with Christ in love. For me its laying down my comforts and my rights so that God can have his way. Easy is often not the best and is almost least rewarding. So try something hard.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Veil

Well I started this on Twitter with a really vague start. I started reading 2 Corinthians not knowing really much about it. I have found myself getting a greater understanding for it as I live my life in the world but set apart from it.

Recently I got an awesome job for an awesome company but soon felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I am very open about my faith and what I believe. I dont try to hide it or pretend to be someone I am not. All of the people I work with know I am a christian and I went to some sort of bible school and I am a credentialed minister. What I found was if you say you are a christian people brush it off as just what ever like he goes to church and stuff, but when you tell them that you are real and it is not just something you say you are but it is who you are peoples attitudes change. At work I have experience different responses to this one guy a loving father remembers being a kid and growing up in the church and credits God for not having getting into alot of trouble as a kid. One guy is into existentialist thought and we have had some very interesting talks concerning morals, God, spirituality and the supernatural. None the less we have these talks and have agreed to disagree. The third co-worker is a different story I watched his attitude change when he found out I was a christian. We were pretty cool before and he joked with me because I dont cuss or drink. But when he found out I was a christian and went to school for it; it was as if he shifted. He would be like God isnt real Aaron wake up. He would yell things like the Christ is a story Jesus wasn't real...etc.

In my mind i was think dude just let me talk and there was another voice being Aaron dont say anything. Slightly irritated I kept my mouth shut. I thought to myself Aaron you know Christ died for him and what Christ suffered in ridicule and torture was far greater then anything you will ever have to face. This was probably a daily occurrence for the early followers of Christ and i am getting bent out of shape about it.

Well this brings me to 2 Corinthians 3:7-4:12 Paul is talking about the veil of the glory of God and when you are saved the veil is removed. (2 Cor 3:7-15)This veil that blocks people from fully understanding truth and the new covenant that Christ has made with us. But when we accept Christ the veil is removed and we have freedom and we can now reflect the glory of the Lord and we become more and more like Christ (2 Cor 3:16-18). It goes on to say because of this mercy we have been given we then now give up the shameful deeds we did in the past. This is the transformation and sanctification of followers of Christ. the veil still exists on those who are perishing. The truth is hidden behind it, so those who are still behind the veil can not see or understand the word and its truths if they have not excepted Christ and let his glory and light into their life. The rest talks about how we do not do not harbor this glory by our own strength beacuse we are like fragile clay pots but by the strength of God. We are pressed persecuted struck down but not destroyed.

To sum this up. I didn't stop being a light or a witness because I was quiet or people dont understand why I am a Christian so I fight to make them understand. No I live my life as an example of Christ. I later found out a couple days later that the guy that had been rude and mean to me was raised in the Baptist Church. I am still in the process of finding out more about him as I continue to develope a friendship. But I know that I have to live what I say I have set myself up to be a light in a dark place and my hope is that my life will shine a light and help those remove their veil and step into freedom. Sorry if this is confusing or really vague. But I am learning still and Gods word has great advice to strengthen you when you are stuck in a hard place. I guess my challenge and what I hope any Christ followers get out of this is dont hide. Let people know who you are. You dont have to have all the answers or all the right words. Just live your life and think that if you never tell someone about Jesus with words you are telling them with your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read that AMO haha