Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My First Blog

So on Facebook I made a post about how I thought I should start blogging just cause it would be something interesting to I took the advice of 2 awesome ladies Amanda and Kellie and made a blogg. SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO what do you do on a blog just write a bunch of random stuff or tell stories.

Once apon a time during christmas break of 08, I went shooting Guns with my friend Mondo. One thing you need to know about Mondo is that he is pretty gangster when it comes to guns and when it comes to himself he is a straight rocker. Like guaged ears and long hair and tattoos. But there is just something that comes out in him when he is shooting a 9mm. Its like a rabbidus pitbull came out of him and he began to turn the gun sideways and fire off the whole clip. So I said to myself geeze that looks fun loaded the gun and tried it and it was intense. Probably the most fun I have had shooting ever. Thanks Mondo you crazy Mexican.