Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well I haven't posted in a while cause I just didn't think I had anything worth really talking about, but I think I have something. Well God has blessed me to be in media and He has also given me the chance to work with some cool equipment that is top of the line and he has also challenged me to work with somethings that don't quite measure up. Well this past week I had to film with a camera that is brand new and it even films with a brand new form of HD that is really cool and fast apparently. Well I shot about 1 hour of footage and went to up load it on the worlds greatest computer ever "Chelsea" and it wouldn't do it. So I spent like 3 hours trying to get information as to why it wouldn't read this format or anything. So I went and tried the G5 and it was having the same problem. Well I had read something that said I needed to have FCP 6.2 in order to run this new amazing HD camera. Well we have 4.0.5 so there is no hope for uploading. So before that I threw a fit and wanted to cuss a whole lot and was throwing paper. I was acting like stewart off Mad TV it must of been pretty bad because people didn't want me arond :(. so I stayed in the batcave until I figured it out. it sucked.


  1. did you at least get to figure it out so it would work? i mean, i know you learned how anger is the wrong response, but it would be a mega bonus if you figured out how to make the camera work for you. :D hope your day is better today!

  2. guess who needs to update....

    you do!!! wheeeee!!! :D