Friday, January 2, 2009

Airplanes are Fun when you are 5'5"

Flying is one of the best ways to travel as far as time goes you get their pretty quick and you don't have to find a less uncomfortable place to sit or sleep like you do in a van. Nope they just stick everyone is the most uncomfortable seat that could have ever possibly been made. And when you are 6'4" and 60% of that is legs that doesn't just make it uncomfortable for me but for everyone else in the row. because I cant just sit in my own painful seat bubble I need room other wise I don't fit so I have to spread out a little bit. this is usually fine if you are sitting next to a short woman or children cause they don't need all of their aloted space. Well on the fight home the last leg of my trip I was boarding my flight in Phoenix and went to sit down in the window seat waiting and praying that children or someone short would sit next to me. Well that wasn't the case because on this flight they put you in by highth. The guy next could have been my twin if i had shaved my head randomly grew a ton of body hair and was about 8 years older. so this is a big guy I didn't know that country people wore tighter jeans then I did either. So I got to talking to the county guy turns out he was planning on reading a book about a video game so I was like this guy is pretty cool so far and this filght shouldn't be to bad. Well we took off the cabin lights are dim I finished my book and I thought geez it would be nice to lay back listen to music and sleep for a bit. But apparently in the rows behind the row with the tall guys was the row of newborn babies and they all decided to cry and I am thinking no problem I will just turn up my music and lay back. I reach for the button to lay my seat back and if you don't know this it is a very valuable piece of info. The seat in front of the emergency exits don't recline so I was stuck up right, attempting to drown out the noise of screeming babies, fighting for leg room with a giant hairy man that decided he need to take the edge off and started dipping into a clear water bottle. So then I watched screencasts for the remainder of the flight. Sorry if you were expecting so epic ending where the flight attendent spills water on the dude or something funny but that doesn't happen in real life you just suffer. LOL I love flying


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh man! it has to SUCK flying when you're so jolly + green + giantish! yowza!! hey, can i call you "Legs" from now on? I just think it pushed the envelope just enough while still being funny! :D so whaddaya say?? huh? eh? huh?? ;) wink wink! :D

  2. Haha. I had a connecting flight in Phoenix the week before last and seat-by-height must just be their trademark or something because there were two huge guys in the row in front of me. They kept joking about how the two hugest guys would end up sitting together. Ironically I had a row all to myself. Maybe no one else was as short as me?