Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For now in my life God is shaping the world around me and the call and destiny for my life. The direction and the plan and purpose for that seems to be forever like water continually changing. There are basic elements in water such as H hydrogen and O Oxygen. My passions remain the same but it seems the the direction and shape of them seem to change even more. All though I am water right now the environment I am entering into I feel like I am going to be more like Ice. The circumstances and things that I once knew were certain are very different now. My call is solid but it takes time to learn how to walk on Ice and move on it. This might all seem very vague and for good reason. I need to vent so I turned to something that is a little more private and more imediate. I know that God has a plan and a purpose but when change comes you grab on to what ever hope you can. Sometimes it is nothing like you expected and sometimes it is but all I know is I am waiting for the date that I will fully under stand my call and what I am in right now. I know that my goal is completely different then what I am doing and about to do in the near future. I just pray that God remains my focus and soul desire and everything is going to be ok. don't worry I am not quitting just at a crossroad and the decision are tough and I am not sure what the will of God is cause everything looks so different.

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  1. I'm glad you're learning a lot AG! Keep trusting and He'll show you the way :D You're in my prayers :D